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      Installs metric KEENSERTS® from size M5 to M12 and imperial sizes from 10-32 (10-24) to ½-20 (½-13)Portable tool makes installation easy in an... read more

    • The New Camloc Retaining Ring for the 50F Quick Release Fastener Series

      We have added the easy-to-install 50W17-1BP stainless steel retaining ring to our 50F Series washer range. Simply press the ring onto the stud using the corresp... read more

    • The New KNT Premium Hand Tools for KEENSERTS®

      We are excited to launch our new line of hand tools designed specifically for installing KEENSERTS. We developed the new KNT hand tool with the following three ... read more

    • Series VKM921 - Just pull, turn, close and fold the handle!

      The VKM921 series is simple to use and provides quick and easy installation without the need for tooling. The VKM921 is captive and does not require a receptacl... read more

    • The Differences Between D4002 and 4002 Series

      The 4002 series is the original series that is used mostly within the aerospace industry. It is a reliable, captive, vibration resistant quarter turn syste... read more

    • Catalogue Updates : Additions to the 991F and 15F series

      We have updated our Quarterturn section of our catalogue. We have added two new Quarterturn fasteners, the first being the V15S20; a hidden push-push solution a... read more

    • Recoil® Tangless® Inserts - The Next Step in Wire Thread Insert Evolution

      Recoil Tangless inserts are designed to offer the same reliable thread strengthening whilst minimizing the risk of losing a ‘tang’ associated with t... read more

    • New variants of the 2812L Slam Latch

      As we have already introduced in one of our previous case studies we are now showing several new variants of our 2812L self-locking slam latch variants as stand... read more

    • Introducing Arconic - Innovation Engineered

      Arconic is built on an extraordinary heritage of innovation that began with Alcoa’s founding in 1888. Our businesses have helped shape the aerospace, auto... read more

    • KEENSERTS® additional information: Edge distance

      We would like to inform you of some additional information regarding our KEENSERTS® Boss Diameter: 1.5 x outer diameter of insert. Edge distance t... read more

    • 5 things to know about installing Camloc receptacles - An alternative way!

      Rather than the well-known installation on the backside of a frame, most receptacles can be installed in a cavity on the upper side of the frame as well. H... read more

    • Our new strike has arrived!

      The V951L series offers a variety of draw latches and strikes suitable for different applications and tensile strengths. Now we have released this new strike (P... read more

    • What everybody ought to know about our new lift spring!

      Our V951L series latches have been very popular over the years (in fact they still are) and have been designed to provide an adjustable, high-performance method... read more

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    Quick release fasteners

    The range of quick release fasteners, draw latches & solid inserts from Camloc brings together 70 years worth of experience, traditional engineering skill and innovation, providing customers with effective, reliable and creative solutions for applications in electronics, industrial, transportation, aerospace and defence markets.


    Camloc offer quarter-turn, push-turn and push-push fasteners for applications where easy and quick access is required on a regular basis such as electrical cabinets and machine guarding. Click here.



    Camloc quick release fasteners are captive meaning that the fasteners remained attached to the machine or the guarding when removed. Click here.


    Camloc draw latches provide an adjustable, high-performance method ideal for securing machine and equipment parts that must be opened or removed frequently. Click here.


    Camloc Keenserts are high strength, vibration resistant solid inserts with locking 'keys' designed to hold the insert in place. Click here.


    The new Camloc range of locks, hinges and handles offers quality fixings for industrial door applications such as machinery guarding and electrical cabinets.


    Our dedicated engineering team can adapt existing products or develop customised quick release fastener and industrial latch solutions to meet diverse and constantly changing industrial demands. Click here.

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