The Camloc™ 991F Quarter-Turn with Spring-Ejector

Camloc quarter-turn fasteners are ideal for quickly locking frequently used covers or panels. In comparison to conventional screws, Camloc quarter-turn fasteners also enable extremely quick locking and unlocking, captivity of the stud and remove the need for thread alignment.

The captivity of the stud can be an issue that many customers encounter. Protrusion of the stud out the back of the application’s cover, panel or hood, can interfere or even collide with, for example, other frame parts and engine parts during opening or closing.

The engineering team at Arconic Fastening Systems met the challenge and have developed an effective solution for their customers; a conical spring that lifts the stud out of the hole when unlocked. This makes any kind of interference with other important components impossible, and the user can now identify immediately if the system is locked or not.

To view a video of the Camloc 991F Spring-Ejector click here .

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