The Camloc® 991F Quarter-Turn with Extended Grip Range

Arconic Fastening Systems’ (AFS) Camloc has developed a modified version of its heavy-duty (10kN working load) 991F quarter-turn series; a version designed specifically for the needs of the commercial vehicles industry.

Camloc’s world renowned commercial vehicle customers required a solution to face the challenges of fixing softer materials such as; laminated or injection moulded plastic covers, which are used for air conditioning superstructures, and noise encapsulations of heavy trucks and buses.

Customer requirements for the modified quarter-turn included the need for: an extended grip range as these materials, as per above, have higher thickness tolerances, the need to fasten these materials together without severe indentation/damage, and the ability to handle high dynamic loads and significant levels of vibration.

The newly modified Camloc 991F quarter-turn provided the solution as it features an extra coned-disc spring, so as to accommodate larger clamp ranges (standard version’s 0.76mm value increased to 1.5mm on modified version).

In addition, the modified quarter-turn features a larger washer, in comparison to the standard 991F version, which increases the dispersion of the clamping force to a wider area hence eradicating severe indentation. Furthermore, as standard with all of the 991F series, the modified versions ability to handle high dynamic loads and resistance to vibration is of a high-quality.

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