HYDRO-PNEUMATIC toolS For Keenserts®

  • Adjustable oil pressure
  • One button operation

The new hydro-pneumatic Power Tool 3352PTC-1 is designed to install metric KEENSERTS®
from sizes M5 to M12, the slightly bigger 3352PTC-2 has a larger stroke to install
M5 to M24 sized KEENSERTS®. For each size of KEENSERTS® a specific nose piece is required. Download the flyer.

The hydro-pneumatic tool 3352PT1 is designed to install KEENSERTS® from sizes M5 to M10. For each size a specific nose-assembly is required.

Individual adjustments can be made with the integrated force control depending on KEENSERTS® size or type (hardness) of the surrounding material.

The one-button operation makes it easy to operate and the installation is quick, consistent and reliable.

The hydro-pneumatic system is low maintenance, ergonomic and lightweight.

The powertool 3352PT1 and appropiate nose- assemblies have to be ordered individually.

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Watch the installation video

Technical Data
air pressure 6 bar
min. / max. air pressure 5/7 bar
consumed air volume per cycle 5 lt
tool stroke 6,5mm
max. setting force 19.000 N
weight 1,8 kg
vibration < 2,5m/s2
sound level 76 dB (A)
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