Robust Fasteners for Outdoor Lighting Applications by Camloc

Arconic Fastening Systems offers reliable fastening solutions for street lights, flood lights and tunnel lights. The quick opening feature of Camloc’s latches, pawl latches and quarter-turns, helps keep down-time and maintenance costs, of outdoor lighting, to a minimum. In addition, even after many years of enduring severe weather/outdoor conditions, Camloc fastening systems continue to work unfailingly.

In comparison to conventional screws, Camloc fastening systems offer clear benefits to the customer. In addition to each fastener’s quick opening and closing feature, each fastener will always remain connected to the application hence eradicating the need to store, or potentially misplace, fastening components during maintenance.  Additionally, each Camloc fastening system features a fixed exact end-point which ensures that over tightening does not occur.

An increasing amount of reputable manufacturers of lighting systems choose custom-made solutions by Camloc, which is testimony to the experienced engineers and great service Arconic Camloc provide. Examples include a manufacturer who sought a fastening solution to reduce the time it took to regularly maintain large lighting systems within automotive tunnels. Arconic engineers provided a solution by developing a fastener which was a combination of a latch and hinge. This fastener allowed the cover of the large tunnel lights to be opened from either side whilst acting as a hinge on the opposing side, holding the frame securely in place, as well as being able to be removed completely.

Camloc continues to specialise in providing high-grade standard products as well as innovative customised solutions for their customers from all over the world. For more information please download the Camloc brochure or contact the Arconic team on or +49 06195 - 805 - 0

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