The new Camloc mounting tool 4002T02

Arconic Fastening Systems extends its existing set of tools for the proven D4002 series. Next to the well known snap-on retaining ring installation tool for the grommet T26 and the stud installation pliers 4P3-1 there is the new mounting tool 4002T02 joining this series.

Four different prototypes with differing modes of operation were assembled and tested during development. Only one of these prototypes was able to meet the high expectations regarding speed and ergonomics of the installation process. Multiple tests were carried out to enhance the performance until the new tool was ready to go into production.

This tool is specifically designed for instances where a significant amount of retaining rings need to be installed. The 4002T02 ensures installation is done quickly and efficiently and due to the angular shape of the tool, retaining rings can be installed onto studs that are in hard to reach areas. The magnetic tip helps during overhead installation.

In addition to custom made special solutions Camloc is enhancing its range of standard products. Due to the continuous development of tools, Arconic ensures its customers get the maximum performance of the fasteners from the very first installation and throughout.

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