The Camloc® 2812L Series Slam Latch - A Multi-Purpose Winner

A Camloc slam latch comes into play if any kind of cover, cowling or panel has to be closed. These self locking and maintenance free latches will work reliably even in harsh and soiled conditions.

Today there are many industrial applications which use Camloc slam latches, especially in agricultural machinery such as tractors, harvesters and shredders, and special purpose machinery including; mobile concrete pumping trucks, forklift trucks and excavators.

The increasing demand for Camloc slam latches and close cooperation with their customers has resulted in new versions’ being engineered which, in turn, has created a modular system used by Arconic Fastening Systems engineering team to quickly, and economically, create custom made products for different customer needs.

However, several versions with different drives, materials and surface treatments already form part of the standard product range. In addition to the original Camloc 2812L slam latch version, with hexagon head, there are now versions for activation by Bowden cable or with internal socket head.

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